Wednesday, May 06, 2009

ZooZoo: The New Special Brand Character for Vodafone

This series of ads from Vodafone are awesome. Not only me, I guess many of the viewers; do not change the channel when they see this ad. Vodafone has come up with this special campaign for TV ads during the IPL matches. Even in IPL 2008, Vodafone used the ‘Happy To Help’ campaign, and now in 2009, it has come up with these special characters called ZooZoo. These ads particularly convey the value added services provided by Vodafone. The complete series of these ads have been created by O&M.

Now, the question is – Is it animated? Even, I thought the same and was admiring the way they animated the series. But, this is not at all animated. They have used slim woman and girls from the Mumbai theaters, stuffed with cushion to get the alien or egghead like shapes. Really, a marvelous piece of commercial and I like it for the following reasons –
  1. They used simple design for the character – eggheads, white color body, black for eyes and lips – using emoticons shapes to show the feelings. They kept all this very simple.
  2. No language for communication only sounds which communicate what they want to convey.
  3. They used different ads and story to convey each value added service. Thus, not making the viewer bore to see the same ad every time.

You will also be surprised to know that these ads have become very popular and are most watched on YouTube and there are about 50,000 fans on Facebook. They also have a special microsite for IPL and they have used these ZooZoos there too and you can download the ZooZoos wallpapers, screensavers and more.So, this Vodafone campaign is not only popular during the IPL ad-breaks, but it is also picking up popularity in the online community.

Zo, what do zoo think?

Will the ZooZoos become bigger than the brand or the message?

Should ZooZoos be used beyond the VAS too?

Did O&M try to give much hype using the media to make this concept popular?

Will this campaign increase the sales of VAS for Vodafone?

Only time can answer all these questions. But, the bottom line is Vodafone is now clearly jumped out of the ‘Pug’ campaign.

Source: Afaqs

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