Thursday, June 18, 2009

Will Online Entertainment Industry Survive?

The emergence of MP3 and MP4 has shattered the business of music industry. Still the film industry is not touching the business it has to in the online market. Many P2P sites come-up and internet savvy folks want to download the audios and/or movies over to their desktop or iPod. I guess making the DVD rentals online has also not yielded much business online. I guess folks really do not want to carry the CD or DVD. They rather prefer a digital format which can be carried in their devices; more so can be easily transferred.

In the report, The State of Music Online: Ten Years After Napster, the Pew Internet Project traces the evolution of online music, and the changes that have been forced on musicians and the recording industry.

This is a period of innovation and survival for this online entertainment market. The popularity of social media networks may hamper the online sales of music. But, can these entertainment companies fight this out? I am just guessing good strategies to come out from these business guys. May be use of biometrics to listen or see these files? May be a tie-up with the ISP to have a cap on sharing such files? Do you have any ideas?

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