Thursday, September 10, 2009

TiE-ISB Connect 2009 on Oct. 22nd and 23rd at Hyderabad

India’s most exciting annual networking event for entrepreneurs and investors, the TiE-ISB Connect '09 will be held on October 22nd and 23rd, 2009 at Hotel Marriott Hyderabad. TiE-ISB Connect enables interaction of aspiring entrepreneurs, early-stage ventures, and growth-stage ventures with potential investors, successful entrepreneurs and mentors.

The conference will focus on bringing together first-time entrepreneurs and seasoned entrepreneurs with investment community and explore the opportunities and challenges in the current economic times, while exploring specifically into highly relevant areas of starting a new venture and raising funds through the seed to the growth stage of the company.

TiE-ISB Connect 2009 is also bringing in a new feature of “Company Showcase”, a unique opportunity for young and exciting companies to set-up stalls and showcase their products / services to the niche audience participating in the conference. Companies participating will have the advantage of discussing and receiving quality feedback from fellow entrepreneurs, venture investors and business leaders.

Another important workshop is JumpStart. If you are thinking of starting something on your own after several years of professional experience then this is the session not to be missed. JumpStart your Enterprise – is a workshop for experienced professionals and starting entrepreneurs. The workshop will provide with a practical toolkit to start and grow business in these early days. It also address the real issues that bother entrepreneurs about:
  • How to write a Business Plan?
  • How to get support from the ecosystem: incubators and mentors?
  • How to work with partners?
  • How to work on a shoestring marketing budget?

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Rama said...

Aashish, will you be at TiE-ISB? If yes, let us catch up

Aashish Malve said...

I did not plan it yet. I will let you know if it is confirmed.