Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tips to Get a Great Deal While Buying or Selling a Domain Name

Yes. I am back again after a long time. There are two reasons for this. First, one person encouraged me to write the blog as he found it interesting and did not want to leave this as it is. Second, I had the opportunity to attend the DomainX Conference 2014 and this prompted me to put down my thoughts.

DomainX was a great event and I was able to be there till the lunch and had to leave. There was an interesting session by Deepak Daftari, who conveyed his experience of selling and buying domain names and has also provided few tips.

Here are few points which I jotted down.

  1. Always be sure which domain name you are buying. It is always better to buy domain names from expired domain names and there are websites which list and auction such expired and deleted domain names. Few are and
  2. There are various tools available over the net which can be used. These tools help to know the approximate value of the domain name and can help in the decision making. Few factors which you can consider to decide on the value are search volume of the domain name, length of the domain name, usage of figures or hyphen/s, the TLDs...etc. One can refer
  3. It always to better to buy and keep .com and .net extension domain names. The appraise and are in demand.
  4. Be honest and loyal. Never do domain name squatting. Do not try to make more money quickly. If you are not loyal then you are not only spoiling your own reputation but, spoiling the business and reputation of others as well.
There were other talks and panel discussion on legal and cyber laws. Over the event was good and well organized. Cheers to the organizers and the team.

Apart from just buying and selling of domain names - you can get loan against your registered domain name. You can refer to In 2013 they have kept aside USD 20M to lend against domain names - Read here.

Now, not only loans you can rent out a domain name or pay monthly to a domain name of your choice if you cannot buy. Use any domain name you want of your choice – even that domain name that is worth USD 20,000 or USD 250,000 – for as little as 3 percent down and $69 per month. Check

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