Sunday, August 12, 2007

7 Steps To Make A Newsletter As A Tool For More Conversions

Here are the 7 Steps to make email campaigns or newsletters a tool to have more conversions - apart from the regular tips like send to who have subscribed for, provide unsubscribe link and provide a link to view in html, use less images....
  1. The subject line is the MOST important for an email campaign to be successful. Need to have a punchy line - Special Offer..., Invitation for ... - try avoid using the words free and $ in the subject line. You need to avoid ending up in the junk folder.
  2. The best way to know how an email campaign has worked is offer a specific promo code for the readers. You will surely know the no. of opens, clicks. But, to know how many have purchased is through the promo code. Just check - how may have made a purchase using the promo code in the store.
  3. The best media to promote our business is through a customer. If customer tells good about us let people know. Have a customer testimonial of a satisfied customer.
  4. New customers want to know the level of after-sales-service. Have a support phone no. or email in the newsletter.
  5. Make the newsletter interesting. Have a quiz or a survey to know what customer is thinking about you and this is the best to know what needs to done to improve the customer service.
  6. Inform the customer that the shopping process is fast, easy and secure in 3 easy steps – select the product(s), provide billing/shipping address and give credit card details.
  7. Last but not least – have the email campaign on Wednesdays. Wednesday is the best day to send out newsletters as research says it is effective and the no. of opens will be more on this day. YES – On Monday and Tuesday most of the readers are busy and they come back after weekend and they hardly want to spend time on reading it. More chances are that the newsletter will go to the trash folder. On Thursday and Friday people tend to prepare for the long weekend. So, we are left only with Wednesday.

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