Sunday, August 12, 2007

Easy Way to Adopt Web 2.0 Technologies for Better SEO

Heard and read lot about the Web 2.0 technologies and are just wondering how to adopt for better search engine rankings. Here are the easy steps…

  1. Do not think that the traditional tactics of SEO – optimizing using meta tags, keyword density, prominence of keywords…more has lost the importance. They are still important and one needs to follow these for better rankings.
  2. Have a good CSS for the web pages. Usage of header tags is very important. Use the main keywords in the header tags.
  3. Instead of using java scripts on the web pages use Ajax. Ajax is the best way to display more content on pages. The web page does not look stuffy but gets a professional look. Get the content preloaded in the html via CSS.
  4. Content is KING. But not webmasters but the content written by the visitors. Add blog and discussion board on the website. Educate people of new things through the blog and listen to the visitors through the discussion boards.
  5. Do visit wiki and read what is there and provide your feedback and suggestions. You need to be more clever about how to do this.
  6. Have a short video / audio file on the website. Thanks to YouTube.
  7. Use ALT tags for the images. Do not repeat the same ALT tag description for all images. Use the proper keywords for ALT tags.
  8. Have press releases and articles sections on the website. Provide and submit them to newswires. Have RSS,, DIGG, Technorati Reddit for the visitors to bookmark the sites.
  9. Use Google widgets for showing driving directions (Google maps), time converters. You have bunch of them on Google. Use which ever you feel is best for your website.

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