Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Optimizing for Search Engines in particular country

Easy and simple way to optimize website for Google / Yahoo / Bing for a particular country - google.co.uk or yahoo.co.us.
  1. The top-level domain (site.co.uk) needs to be from that country. Ex. To optimize for google.co.uk have .co.uk as extension for the domain name.
  2. Host the website in the country to which geo search engine you want to optimize for. Ex. If the website is to be optimized for google.co.uk or yahoo.co.uk then have the hosting server in UK. Spiders consider the server IP to rank the websites in the geo targetted SE.
  3. Know the number of backlinks you have from particular country or geogrphical area. The website needs to have enough number of backlinks from the websites of that geo area or hosted in the geo area. Ex. Easy way to swap links for UK is to have enough number of links from .co.uk domain extensions. A good free tool is available at Ekstreme.com. It shows the number of backlinks the website has from each country website.
  4. Try posting the website in local directories and classifieds.
  5. Have the local phone number and address in the footer of the website and contact us page.

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