Thursday, April 16, 2009

Google, Yahoo Set Up Websites For Elections

Google and Yahoo have launched special sites dedicated to coverage of the coming Lok Sabha elections starting April 16. Google estimates that 25 million of the 45 million internet users have attained the voting age and will actively look for election information and status online. Not only Google and Yahoo, the internet has emerged as a good media for people to discuss and debate about the coming elections which include social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut.

A tool on the site, called "Your Manifesto," also allows users to select issues of importance that let politicians know what interests them. "This feature will be of tremendous value for political parties, because it provides an insight into what is going on in the voters' minds," Krishna (VP for Emerging Markets, Yahoo India) said.

I guess the main intention of Google and Yahoo to come up with the sites for elections is only to build brand in the Indian community and to cash-on the advertising revenues. BJP is already put lot of investment in Adwords. Not only this, other political parties have also come up with their own websites. Few of them which I was able to gather are (not sure how many are official)-,,,,,,,,,

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