Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Top 10 Automated Email Programs to Increase Online Sales

It is really tough to follow your customers, prospects or subscribers regularly. The best way is to have an auto-generated email programs which will trigger at the appropriate time. Here is the list of top 10 automated emails which can be triggered to increase the online sales.

  1. Welcome Email: Whenever there is a subscription or first purchase, welcome the guest with an email introducing about the various products and services you offer. A special discount offer or top 10 HOT products can boost their interest and help in increasing the sales.
  2. Cart Abandoning: An auto-email sent to visitors once they have abandoned the shopping cart will act as a friendly reminder. A email can be triggered after 2-3 days and the visitor can come back and complete the shopping thus, avoiding the prospect from searching all over again and avoid them from hitting the competitors websites.
  3. Transaction Success Email: Let your customers know that the online payment made by them was successful. The intention of the email is to refer them some related products or services or submit a product review.
  4. Referral Request: Let your satisfied customers refer more customers to you. Request them to refer their friends to your website. Word-of-mouth is the most economical and the best way to promote your business.
  5. Reminder Campaigns: Do remind your customers if they have not made a purchase in a set considerable time period. Such customers can be offered special discounts or offers to avoid them from going to competitors.
  6. After-sales Email: Thank your customers when they complete the purchase. You can have a satisfaction survey or a poll to know their shopping experience. Accordingly, you can act on the changes or feedback suggested. (#3, 4 and 6 can be considered as one program).
  7. Browsing Behavior Email: Understand the browsing behavior of the customers using a good analytics program and trigger the email with suggestions and offers. Thus, you not only make their purchase easy, but will also make a sale.
  8. Special Occasion Email: Who does not liked to receive greetings on their birthday or anniversary. Have a email program which will trigger greetings email to them on their birthdays or anniversaries. You can have such campaigns on special festivals as well to promote the business.
  9. Stock Notifications: Have an email reminder field in the product pages where you have out-of-stock messages. If the visitor wants to know when the product is back in stock can submit the email address. An email can be triggered to make the prospect know that the product stock.
  10. Renewal Reminder Email: If the sale is something consumed regularly like a printer cartridge or a subscription one then you can have an automated email to remind them to purchase or renew the same. Such timely reminders not only signifies as a good customer service but can help you in generating online sales.

These email programs can help in generating good online sales. I also invite your suggestions regarding such programs which have helped you in generating more online sales.


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Excellent contribution. The title is misleading though... "Top 10 Automated Email Strategies to Increase Online Sales" would be more appropriate. Nevertheless a very good line of thought... My two cents in this regard.
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