Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Google Caffeine Now Live On One Google Data Center

Search Engine Roundtable in the blog post has mentioned that Matt Cutts confirmed that Caffeine is live 50% of the time on

There were many threads across many blogs and forums about the major changes happening yesterday to Google search results. DigitalPoint Forums, Google Webmaster Help and WebmasterWorld discussed about this changes in the search results.

Matt Cutts was kind enough to update all stating that the change or update the webmasters are looking is only from one data center which is hitting Caffeine update 50% of the time. So, Caffeine is live only at one data center and not all and that too you will get the results with Caffeine results only for half of the time. But, Matt did not disclose if we can get the results with the new update 100% of the time from a single IP.

Update from Matt Cutts: “So does hit the Caffeine data center more often than other IP addresses, but it's always been the plan that Caffeine would roll out at one data center (no more data centers will get Caffeine until at least January”.

So, folks to see the search results with Caffeine update, I guess we need to wait till the vacations are over.

Happy Vacation!!

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