Sunday, February 15, 2009

Can a small card solve your problem?

Yes, a small plastic card was my most loyal and dependable thing in the journey which solved my major problems.

I just wanted to share this with you all folks... may be this is a bit deviated from the main purpose of the blog. BUT, I just wanted to share how searching on Google solved my problem. Thanks to Google.

The card I am talking about is the calling card purchased online from a UK Calling Cards online shop.

I landed in UK and the main purpose of my travel was to give a surprise to my friends. So, they really do not know that I am already in London. When I landed, to my surprise, I found I was out of money and my debit card has only a balance of 20$.

I just thought that I am pauper now and I did not have anything than open my laptop and browse through. What I did - I went to Google and searched for cheap calling cards. Yes, I used cheap because, you should understand my problem. And I reached a website which has a vast variety of calling cards. More over, I can call from UK.

The solution was using the Google power to find a UK Phone Cards shop to buy them online and make a call to a Amy (my best friend who stays in UK) and ask her to come and pick me up and help me out.

So, to summarize the story - On Google, I typed cheap calling cards, I reached the UK calling cards website -, I used $11 from my debit card to purchase a good calling card. And I was on the go to talk to Amy.

After talking to Amy, I was surprised that I still had balance on my debit card (of about $9) and also on the calling card. I did not wait longer and I called my family in India and other friends in UK.

So, I learnt - Google and SEO can be your friends and can rescue you in times you are in problems.

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