Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Google’s Has in Future

Jonathan Rosenberg, SVP of Product Management, Google has recently posted his thinking and the future of Google as well as the internet and the challenges that lie ahead, on Official Google Blog.

I have summarized few things below with my inputs as well (I may have missed few important things). You need to note that, I have added my comments too below and that everything below is not of Rosenberg. You can access his original post on the blog.
  • More internet-enabled phones will be activated in coming years than computers. I guess China and India will be the main markets for this growth as there lay more number of mobile users in these countries. But, the internet bandwidth and the speed which these country offer may hamper the growth.
  • May be in future the computer for the world will be a mobile phone. So, Google sees the mobile area more strategically and profitable.
  • Presently users are searching for the information they need. Google wants to provide the solution to the user before the search is made. So, depending on personalized/customized search, news alerts and RSS subscribed or comments saved, the users will get what they are interested in before a search is made. So, don’t they lose revenue on Adwords? They are smart people; they will have a way out. May be this will have more CPC as it is a WARM lead.
  • More and more user generated content is being created every day mostly by way of blogs. Google will keep a tab on such content and will segregate crap content from authoritative and interesting content written by known or unknown experts. Not sure how they will judge such writers. May be social media spam or content spam will be the next problem for internet. Bullet proofs for posting articles on all the blogs one has? But, I surely think Contnet Marketing and Content Marketing Optimization will be next.
  • People will use computers differently. They will have all their files and data back-up on network cloud. So that, they can access from anywhere with anything – laptop or a mobile phone. They will be going to create more and more competition for Microsoft. This network cloud need to be robust and secure to be successful.

This is just a glimpse of what he has posted there. I do agree with what all Rosenberg talked about and time can prove it. No doubts about this.

What do you think about Google's or Internet future?

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tedmag said...

What you forsee is most likely inevitable. As you suggest, security is the key. When so much of our trade exists in cyberspace, what is the final true measure of value and credibilty. I explore this issue in my science fiction adventure, The Moses Probe. If today's world isn't edgy enough, what happens when the World-Wide Mind goes on-line?