Friday, February 13, 2009

Search Engine Marketing 2010

I have a strong feeling that local search optimization will be the real beast which will be more complex and challenging than SEO of a website or a dynamic website. I was just browsing and thought the below few points can be the tips for local search optimization.

So, here are my two cents -

Some tips here can be -

1. To have the keyword in the business name (similar to have keyword in the domain name in SEO)
2. To have a business name which is alphbetically on the top. Ex. to have a business name starting with number(s) 0 or 007 :)
3. To have multiple listings in local areas/cities where one can provide the services (this again is similar to link building)
4. To provide better customer service and request satisfied customers to rate you (I can say PageRank here)
5. In your ads on local search directory, include all the names (or different names the area is known for) of the lane or road your office is located at.

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